Comfort Meatballs

These delicious meatballs are sweet and savory. Perfect for a potluck, or for game-day, this recipe can be prepared in under an hour. Pick up locally raised ground beef from Daniels Gourmet Meats! View the full recipe at Foodtv.comComfort Meatballs - - Meatballs: ground beef, quick oats, milk, very finely minced onion, salt, freshly ground [...]

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Peppered Beef and Hen-of-the-Woods Bundles

This is a crowd pleasing appetizer that you can eat with just one hand! Swap out Hen-of-the-Woods for your favorite mushroom to customize this dish. *Tip: Refrigerate whole cooked beef tenderloin, covered, overnight. Bring to room temperature before slicing. View the full recipe at foodandwine.comPeppered Beef and Hen-of-the-Woods Bundles - - center-cut beef tenderloin (tied), [...]

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Summer Sausage Cheese Ball

This is the perfect appetizer for football season. Recipe from: An Affair from the HeartSUMMER SAUSAGE CHEESE BALL - - cream cheese (softened), summer sausage (chopped), green onions, cheddar cheese (shredded), chives (chopped), In a bowl, beat cream cheese. Add in summer sausage and green onion, mix until incorporated.; Form into a ball.; Lay out [...]

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